Global e-commerce tops $1 trillion in 2012

Author: Stephen Saucier
Date: 27/11/2013
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Global e-commerce tops $1 trillion in 2012

DAI Post noticed an internesting article on emarketer in February this year regarding the size of the global e-commerce market. Digital marketing research firm eMarketer claims that global e-commerce sales reached $1.08875 trillion in 2012, up 21.9% from $893.33 billion in 2011. It wasn't surprising to any of our team that North America continued to hold a majority share of those sales, however eMarketer claim that this year Asia-Pacific will take the lead.

Interestingly, they also forecast that in 2013, total e-commerce sales worldwide will grow over 19% year over year to reach a whopping $1.29844 trillion. eMarketer define online sales as including retail, travel and digital download sales and online marketplace transactions.

Here is a regional breakdown of worldwide online sales share in 2012 and 2013, according to eMarketer:

  • North America, 33.5%, 31.5%;
  • Asia-Pacific, 30.5%, 33.4%;
  • Western Europe, 26.9%, 25.7%;
  • Eastern Europe, 3.8%, 3.9%;
  • Latin America, 3.4%, 3.5%;
  • Middle East and Africa, 1.9%, 2.1%.

And while Australia might be a long where from anywhere (sorry New Zealand!), we again punch above our weight when you look at the top five countries ranked by average e-commerce sales per online shopper. Again looking at 2012 and the projected 2013 averages:

  • United Kingdom, $3,585, $3,878;
  • Australia, $3,547, $3,802;
  • Norway, $2,530, $2,796;
  • United States, $2,293, $2,466;
  • Denmark, $2,185, $2,286.

For the full article visit the emarketer website.

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