Parcel distribution throughout Asia Pacific

Speed & reliability are just the start.

Delivery is the heart of your business. You need it done fast, reliably and cost effectively. And you need it to fit in with the way you do business.

With both tracked and standard services we can tailor flexible solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Parcel Services

    • High-volume delivery of parcels
    • Tracked and Standard parcel services
    • Full visibility to the destination local network and/or end recipients
    • International delivery
    • Airfreight
    • End-to-end solution – Post, returns and warehouse pick-and-pack 
    Faster transit times

    We achieve exceptional transit times into all destination countries through our proven commercial supply chain.

    All parcels are processed and scanned at origin, enhancing clearance into destination countries and ensuring timely receipt into the domestic networks.  Transit times are enhanced with the addition of multiple lodgement points throughout the Asia Pacific.

    Better, easier tracking

    You can choose origin to destination tracking with any shipment, for full visibility throughout each step of the supply chain. Each parcel is tracked, handled and cleared individually into the destination country. Once in the domestic network, we can provide fully tracked or standard parcel services, catering to all needs.

    Value for money

    Keeping your costs down is our priority. It’s how we remain competitive within the industry. 

    But lower prices are just the start. We also offer you value added services, so you can support your clients easily and effectively. These services include complementary weekly undeliverable reports, re-delivery of undeliverable parcels and general customer enquiry services.

    Personalised service

    We believe in personalised customer service for all clients.

    We take the time to understand your business model, and how your processes work.

    And because we can provide an end-to-end solution, we can be the only provider in your supply chain, which means better communication and seamless systems, across the board.