Promote your business throughout Asia Pacific

Want to grow your business in the Asia Pacific? Need a way to do this easily from overseas? It’s easy, with the help of DAI Post.

Client Acquisition

  • Benefits: 
    1. Multiple media channels
    2. Extensive and up-to-date databases
    3. Proven results
    Increase Sales & Profits

    We work with organisations that have access to extensive and up-to-date databases, containing the names, addresses, mobile numbers and email addresses of millions of prospective Asia Pacific customers. By combining our market knowledge and experience with the insights of these databases, we can  proactively build your Asia Pacific customer-base. 

    First we work with you to identify your target market, then we use these regional databases to pin-point exactly which individuals we should be targeting. This gives you the power to effectively market to specific audience segments via email, SMS or mail, to generate more business for your operation.

    Not only do we reduce your costs and provide exceptional service, we assist in growing your business within your targeted market. 

    We help increase your customer base through helping you get in touch with our extensive network of marketing companies in your target market. Working together we can ensure that you have access to the latest and best prospects.