Distribution throughout Asia Pacific

One solution, one supply chain.
When you’re shipping large volumes of parcels or periodical freight into the Asia Pacific, you need a proven solution. One that is cost effective and offers exceptional transit times. At DAI Post that’s exactly what you get.

Our Services

    • Parcel Services

      Parcel distribution to the Asia Pacific. Extended tracking, undeliverable reporting and above all, personalised service. Read More >

    • Periodical Services

      A faster, cheaper way to send periodicals throughout the Asia Pacific. Registered or not, they are tracked into the destination local network. Read More >

    • 3PL/Reverse Logistics Solutions

      One solution, one supply chain. Undeliverable parcels, storage, fulfilment, active returns and redeliveries. Read More >

    • Client Acquisition

      Build your Asia Pacific customer database. Increase presence, sales and profit.. Read More >

    Why DAI Post?
    • Commercial distribution from the US, NZ, Asia and UK to the Asia Pacific
    • Exceptional transit times
    • Single provider for entire supply chain
    • Full tracking from origin to destination
    • Full-visibility IT system
    • Personalised customer service
    • Client Acquisition solutions
    • End-to-end solution - Post, Returns and Warehouse Pick-and-Pack